I grew up five blocks from the U.S.Capitol and three blocks from the Supreme Court. My brother and sisters and I played pick-up soccer on the Library of Congress lawn, rode our bikes to the Smithsonian museums and had a hilarious, unsupervised time.  I wanted kids to know that Capitol Hill is more than government. It’s also a neighborhood, with families, dogs, row houses, a farmer’s market, coffee shops and schools. Everything is close so you can walk, skate board or bike ride to most places. If you want to go further, you can take a Metro or the bus. If you are like most kids and don’t have a driver’s license, this is handy. Capitol Hill kids have to be careful because the adults know each other so if you do something Melonheaded, your parents find out fast. Here we go!



 Why did you make Lucy Rose and Melonhead live in Washington, D.C.?


Lucy Rose and Melonhead usually ride the red line

501 E Capitol St SE

 1115 Pennsylvania Ave SE

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Cover Illustrations by Gillian Johnson